Everyone loves a good story; and beautiful stories always deserve to be shared with others. It is now our turn.

Our story is simple yet intense…it’s about a dream of mine that has been with me since I can remember: to show people around me their individual beauty. I guess I’ve always been a people’s person, I have enjoyed their company, I have believed in them and I have felt that photography would be my own way of becoming a part of their world by reflecting their beauty and uniqueness. I love to tell their stories in a way that will make their emotions and feelings sparkle like a bright star on a clear night sky.

I have also been blessed with the presence of Marius on this journey, my husband, my lover and my reliable partner. Side by side we have made things, easier, lovelier and definitely more meaningful for each other, every second of the ten years we have spent together so far. And, together, we are Photo Tailors, two photographers, two people in love and two parents of an amazing and beautiful girl, Ecaterina.

The experiences we have happily gathered next to our valued customers and friends have made us see now more clearly than ever that we are, in fact living our dream. And it is all happening thanks to you. It is our honor and privilege to have shared a piece of our story with you.

Thank you for the opportunity of being the script writers of your beautiful story, even for a short while.

Cristina and Marius


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